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Follow artist Sketchnate’s process on how he created the art for upcoming generative NFT avatar project, Witchy GF! Get an in depth and highly scientific explainer on how to draw and animate layers for large scale NFTs collections and use programming technology to quality assure and pipeline your artwork for OpenSea.

Witchy GF is a collection of 7,890 animated avatars with over 600 unique traits in 12 different categories created by illustrator Sketchnate as the expansion to the Deebies and Nifty Castle ecosystem. The public sale launches March 14 with the pre-sale happening March 13. Deebies holders will receive a free mint plus many more special utilities with their witches.

Join The Witchlist before it closes for pre-sale access:


Welcome to the planet Interrobang, a fantasy world that exists in the wild mind of artist Sketchnate. Here there are all manner of whimsical creatures, many of which can harness magic and use it to varying degrees of proficiency. There are 28 different kinds of magic that fall somewhat neatly into 3 main types: Elemental, Fey, and Possession.

The sources of these magical powers reside with 28 powerful Witch Queens who champion their kind as the ideal style of magic, wielding their abilities to further their respective causes, administer justice, and solidify their dominance.

Especially now that the Wicked Circle and Sacred Circle have divided into competing factions in the aftermath of the rift…

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