Talking about who Bruce Timm is and how he is the founder of Harley Quinn and how this will impact the price of Veve Ecomi NFTs. Bruce Timms was the original creator and artist of Harley Quinn with his partner Paul Dini. When Harley Quinn was first published in the Joker stories, she was not popular and so Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had to struggle in order for the comic aficionados would love Harley Quinn.

He is also known for his work on Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Justice league, and Timmsverse and Diniverse.

Even though the Batmans are selling for a low value in the Veve marketplace, I predict that the NFTS acorss the board will increase in price as Covid has hurt the movie industry in 2020 extremely hard and DC comics is planning to go extra hard this year to recover losses from the previous two years.

You may read the news about what is happening to AMC and how movie theatres are struggling so content creators like Marvel and DC Comics both will have big years.

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