How do you stand out in the metaverse? Micah Johnson (@Micah_Johnson3) – creator of Aku – is the perfect person to answer that question. His animated video NFT was released in 2021 and has done over 24MM in sales volume. Since then, Micah has seen worldwide recognition: being named one of the “Top 50 Most Influential People in NFTs” by Fortune and named one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2022 by Fast Company. He joins us today to talk about the increasing pressure of a growing community, the importance of having a grand vision, what’s next for Aku, and the non-stop grind of leaning in to really big dreams.


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00:00 Welcome to The Wolf of All Streets
00:26 About our guest Micah Johnson
01:08 From 2020 to now: the rapid rise of NFT’s
05:05 The process of building Aku
07:41 What’s next for Aku
10:50 Commercial Rights
12:05 The pressure of a growing community
17:07 A grand artistic vision
18:46 Creating a web2 film using web3 momentum
21:24 WTF is an Akutar?
24:33 Vauld Ad
25:49 Arculus Ad
26:41 The importance of optionality in the Metaverse
29:10 Building IP
32:48 Micah’s grand vision for Aku
36:39 How you can get an Akutar
41:04 The non-stop grind
43:49 Scott’s ~almost~ hole-in-one
44:49 Follow Micah and Aku

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What’s Next For NFTs | Micah Johnson, Creator of Aku

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