Only 1000 Proof Collective NFTs were made available via Dutch Auction was on 11 Dec, 2021 at 9am starting at 5 $ETH SOLD OUT in 3 hours with 2 Mints per wallet for approximately 1725 $ETH, which is over $6,000,000 USD of Sales in current $ETH prices.

This project reminds me of Gary Vee’s VeeFriends, which I also cite in the video. This is a community building ‘collective’ that seems like an Inner Circle with extreme value for the individuals in the group.

I believe this project will pay off in dividends through the network and sharing of information in it, along with all the extra goodies that haven’t been announced yet.

The project is sold out and benefits begin in January 2022 for three years.

The Proof Collective NFT from Kevin Rose


Private Members-Only Discord
This private Discord will be the central hub for the PROOF Collective community. Here we’ll have dedicated channels to discuss new projects, artists, and upcoming drops — as well as tools for serious collectors, such as whale tracking and upcoming drop notifications.

Early Content & Live Interviews
Collective members will have access to live interviews and receive the PROOF videos and podcast episodes before anyone else. Early access means you’ll be among the first to hear from the hottest upcoming artists, projects, and collectors.

Future PROOF
Your NFT comes with 3 years (2022-2025) of access to the growing list of soon-to-be-announced membership benefits. These benefits will be wide-ranging, from in-person local meetups to some much wilder ideas and collaborations we’ll be revealing soon.

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