Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. IT supports digital collectibles and blockchain-driven games. Flow created for extensive scaling without the use of sharding techniques,
providing fast and low-cost transactions that make sense for dapps, such as NFT marketplaces and crypto-infused video games.
Let’s have a look at how This novel design works.

Today’s traditional blockchain networks have a massive workload on each node. Every node has to store the complete state of the ledger alongside carrying out all tasks related to the processing of all transactions in the chain. Or their scaling solutions typically focus on offloading transactions from the main chain to reduce the load on the main network.
To avoid some drawbacks of sharding and other techniques that rely on distribution of transaction data across multiple chains. flow divides its network nodes into four distinct categories. Each node in the Flow network participates in the validation and processing of every transaction, but only specializes in performing a single function.

Distributing the tasks makes processing transactions more efficient than on traditional blockchains. It’s an alternative option to sharding, or spreading out the storage and computational needs of a blockchain across numerous nodes.

FLOW token has shown significant growth since its initial offering and it made it a popular token for investment. The community power of Flow is somewhere amazing relative to other coins. This might be a bonus point for the future growth of FLOW.
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