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Welcome to WacDonald’s, home of the one and only Cryptopoly game in the metaverse!

How can we take your order?

Each item on our menu comes with one ERC-721 token that represents an asset tile on the board.

If you get a Cryptopoly, come back to us and redeem instantly for your NFT prize!

WacDonald’s Cryptopoly is an on-chain, provably fair & random NFT collecting art experience.

Each group of assets represents some important component of crypto culture.

At WacDonald’s, we wanted to celebrate the ridiculousness that is NFT culture with an equally ridiculous way to demonstrate the contractual powers of NFTs in a familiar and fun manner.

WacDonald’s Cryptopoly will offer 8788 tiles available for mint.

Our project gives back on DAY 1 and continues to develop Wacdonald’s Cryptopoly into a player-focused NFT game.

75% of the ETH from mint gets given back to the community. As mentioned previously we created Wacdonalds so it was random and fair for collectors and investors.

There are also perks for round one collectors like 50% of royalties (from round 1 to all future rounds!), unique NFT rewards, and NFTs from round one will act as DAO membership (and mint passes!) for future rounds. 

In the long term, Wacdonalds will have a variety of exciting things going on like guest artists, expansion to other chains and much more!

The ultimate form of Wacdonalds is to become a DAO for the community’s enjoyment!

Join our community to get involved and start collecting!

Official Website:

Official Twitter:

Official Discord:

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