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Welcome to Our Upcoming NFT Video!

What are JustCubes?

They Are The Cubes. Just Cubes.
4,444 Cubes. Enjoy the artwork. Enjoy the utility. Enjoy the alpha. Most of all, enjoy each other. #CubeSquad
Join them in their adventure to unite NFT Collectors, NFT Investors, and NFT newbies alike. Whether this is your 1st NFT or your 1,000th. This community is for you. Let’s grow together.

How many Cubes will be held for marketing?
200 cubes. The breakdown is 100 for the team and 100 for marketing and other business purposes. The founding team will be distributing these amongst the team. This includes MODs, Community Managers, Advisors, Influencers, etc. We may give them away, airdrop them to community members, HODL them until the end of time, or, at least until they melt…

What type of security measures will you implement?
MOD team will not be able to send links in any announcement channel, nor access to any webhooks or inviting of bots. All team members will have 2FA enabled.

What is the utility behind the Cube Squad?
The idea behind JustCubes was to come into a marketplace that’s super saturated with multitudes of derivative projects and be different. Our goal for the art was to be simplistic yet also pop. With the entire collection being animated I think we achieved this goal since even the most simplistic cubes will have life to them.

They are offering Nansen charts, Moby alerts, Genie Swap alerts, Alpha Calls to everyone in our server. Also, we are giving people with WL/OG access to the JustCubes node. These utilities are now holder only.

Post Mint:
Their post mint utility is “Competitive Gaming Giveaways”. The idea behind the competitive gaming aspect of the project is to differentiate ourselves from the typical giveaway utility projects. So instead of just minting an NFT that gets you access to giveaways for other NFT and different prizes, with us, you’ll be able to put the control of potentially winning in your hands.

With their gaming competitions being held between holders and not favoring how many cubes you hold we find that the fairness is well distributed. Their project will be fueled by the nostalgic and most legendary games being re-developed on the blockchain with their special twist, starting with Pong. Between that, great marketing, partnerships, and collaborations they believe that our project can really step up the industry standard around trying to be a giveaway-based project.


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