Here is the Troverse official announcement trailer, captured from real-time in-engine footage 🚀🔥

Behold, the future of P2E blockchain gaming, where you explore, gather, craft, discover, fight and hunt your way through 10,000 unique playable planets in an ever-rewarding galactic Metaverse.

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About the game:

Troverse is an ever-rewarding galactic Metaverse that bridges NFT Collectibles and Play-to-Earn Blockchain gaming in a third-person, space exploration-survival game, set in an open-world galaxy of 10,000 unique procedurally generated planets.

Besides owning state-of-the-art planet NFTs, the owners will have advantages inside the exclusive Play-to-Earn game:

🔸 Headquarters:
Owners will have their headquarters deployed on their planets provide instant access and unlock many gameplay features.

🔸 Own-to-Earn:
Owners will receive a portion of resources gathered and treasures discovered by other players on their planets.

🔸 Head Start:
Planet owners are the forerunners of Troverse. They will have a head start in future events and can enter the galaxy earlier!

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