Have you heard about Time Raiders? In this video you will see a complete review of the Time Raiders NFT play to earn game.

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About the Game
In 2247, in the depths of cyberpunk cities and the unregulated wildlands between, a glowing, shifting mass is discovered. Reaching out for it, discoverers are swallowed into a space between worlds…

A strange being introduces them to a black market where everything can be bought or sold, and portals to other eras. It tells them to loot whatever they can on the other side.

The first portal leads to World War II, an alternate history where the Nazis have invaded London. For the misfits and have-nots of 2247, it’s a golden opportunity, a new frontier. To the tech-heads it’s scientific fascination. To most it’s a new path to wealth, fame and infamy.

The Time Raiders don’t know who or what they met in the interdimensional hub, why WWII or where new portals might lead. The answers will shock and horrify, bring joy to some and terrorise others. Until the answers come, there are eras to raid, adventures to be had and loot to win.

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