CEO / Game Designer at Primordial Game Studios talks about Isla Obscura, an adventure game developed for The Sandbox, now in its 4th season.

Combining a deep narrative, hack’n’slash combat mechanics and rich environments, “Isla Obscura” is the story of an adventurer who travels to the mysterious Isla Obscura in search of a great treasure, but is ensnared by the island’s terrible curse. Shipwrecked and trapped, the adventurer can only traverse inland, meeting other Stranded, fighting wave after wave of the undead Lost Legion and slowly uncovering the truth about the strange island and the ancient civilization that cursed it…

“Isla Obscura” takes the player through beaches covered in ruins, barren deserts, fetid swamps and howling peaks as they fall deeper into the game’s mysteries; and NFT Collections, tied to Isla Obscura’s IP are released on a regular basis, for other players to use in their own lands or sell on for profit!

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