Stoned Monkey (2019)
Mesmerizing atmospheres, high pitched amplifiers, heavy soundwalls and a strong scent of the weed distinguish the experience on a STONED MONKEY trip: An unmistakable Sludge timbre mixed with the rhythmic-sonorous intensity by influences such as Doom and noisy Stoner Rock.
Stoned Monkey
Varese, Italy
Argonauta Records

ARGONAUTA Records – Stoner | Doom | Sludge | Post Metal since 2012
Pain of Mind 00:00
Stoned As Fuck 03:36
U-Boot 08:53
Slow Sickness 14:29
OG-China 19:55
Green House 22:42
Stoned Monkey is our debut album!
A trip made of marijuana, distortions and hot and jarring valves.
Make sure you listen to the album under the influence of drugs.
No vocals, only tons and tons of watt!
released December 6, 2019

Stoned Monkey are:

Desa: guitar
Tia: bass
Cpx: drums

Rec, Mix and Master: Mattia Tavani.

Thanks to Matteo Brumana for all the sample in this album.

Special thanks to all the Argonauta Records family.

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