We welcome the Litemint team to chat with SDF about their mission to open up the world of NFTs to everyone. This will be a 45 minute discussion with opportunities to post and ask questions to our speakers. Please keep in mind that this is a technical discussion. The session will be hosted live and recorded.

LITEMINTâ„¢ is a tech company that breaks barriers and creates innovative products to connect creators, collectors, crypto enthusiasts and gamers to unique experiences. Check them out at https://litemint.com/

Don’t forget to register for the STellar NFT Hackathon on 3/11-3/13 (https://stellarnft.devpost.com/) and the NFT workshop on 3/11 (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/265322937047)!

Stellar Shop Talk is an informal gathering of technical minds to talk shop about the Stellar network hosted on the Stellar Developers Discord: https://discord.gg/SDQ5zzb6T2

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