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A tweet thread showing the game / tokenization features very well:

A community member document which is a good step by step guide into the game mechanics:

Also, this is the projects twitter account to follow

– Education (Stellar Hood Series 1 NFTs shows real planets and stars with their real attributes)
– Pushing technology limits: Stellar Hood has developed the technique behind and deployed the first self-contained fully on-chain (no IPFS) stored and executed NFT:
– Utilization: Most of the people sees NFTs only as excessively priced JPGs. I want to change it. Stellar Hood NFTs are ownership certificates which open the holder many possibilities and features in the Stellar Hood Game.
– Integration: In contrast to traditional games proprietary DLC policy, NFTs open up a whole new technology: Using the blockchain game content can be interchanged between games on a free accessible and cost-effective basis. With Stellar Hood we already have integrated different Projects assets into our game (Resources and Citizens)

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