In many cultures world wide, the frog is a sign of good luck. With that good luck comes fortune, longevity & fertility. The Stay Winning Fortune Frog Collection releases our creativity to you w/ long term investments into the Metaverse. This is a 100 NFT drop w/ all original 1/1 Stay Winning Fortune Frogs.

Each Fortune Frog NFT comes w/ a trading card of the owner’s NFT & a sealed wax pack. These are tangible items. The wax pack contains 9 cards of the NFT along w/ a sticker. They’re created to look & feel like they did in the 1980’s w/ a modern touch.

Your NFT trading card will come in a graded slab. These are authentic collector items from Stay Winning. Trading card NFTs & wax packs will all be labeled 1-100.


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