Star Wolvez is an NFT project that has built an amazing community around it with some killer pixel art and a wildly fun discord server. The first 100 genesis wolvez have all been minted and the project is about to release a collection of 8,880 generative wolves in April.

As they have carefully and thoughtfully navigated the NFT space, they released an article that covers any and all things Star Wolvez, including the next stage in the universe – a P2E game. This game is unique though as it let’s you do something you have never been able to do before with any other play to earn game.

If you want more Star Wolvez, head check out the links below:

Star Wolvez Article:

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Article & tl;dr section
2:15 – What is Star Wolvez?
2:50 – What is your North Star?
3:27 – Who is behind the project?
3:47 – What is the Utility of a Genesis?
4:49 – The Roadmap + The Game
7:18 – How does the Allowlist (Ascendlist) work?
7:48 – How to get the Elder role (How to get WL)
8:23 – How is Star Wolvez different?
9:00 – Final thoughts/Outro

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This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this video is financial advice and should not be treated as such.

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