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If you’re looking for the next play to earn crypto, look no further! Gaming Crypto coins have been taking off especially when you look at Solana NFT and Solana Gaming. The Crypto ICO for the Solchicks coin starts now. The lucky people who got into the SolChicks Presale must be smiling from ear to ear because this is the SolChicks public sale going like. People worked very hard to join the SolChicks whitelist and the crypto game continues with this Play to earn crypto game. Not only that I want to show you how SolChicks NFT Crypto Mining works, because this can be your next ticket to making it big! SolChicks IDO is part one, the controvercy and Solchicks Scam is part two. Yes, obviously there’s drama around something going so well. Now it’s the time to make your decisions to jump oboard and own one of the upcoming top Altcoins or watching others win. If you thought Axie Infinity was big, you just wait to see where this NFT gaming project is going!

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0:00 Intro to Solana Games
1:49 SolChicks Overview
4:45 How to buy CHICKS SolChicks Coin on Raydium
6:20 SolChicks Gameplay Solana P2E
8:42 SolChicks Scam William Wu Controvercy
20:20 NFT Crypto Mining Explained
26:06 Giveaway & Post Credit Fun



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