Seth Green’s Monkey nft Was Stolen and Now He Can’t Make His TV Show

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01:00: Seth Green had four prized NFTs stolen in a phishing scam , and it derailed more in his life than you might think.
02:49: With the loss of the nft , Green may have also lost the right to license the Bored Ape’s likeness—meaning the fate of his
03:19: Scam GutterCats clone site.
03:32: Luckily it’s art not crypto so they can be traced.
05:05: (Was it the Real Napster ?!) And does that person now own the usage rights for the nft ?
05:49: The case points to one of the many legal gray areas surrounding NFTs , some of which may remain that way for years,
07:06: Of civil litigation in the space where the terms of the platform or the nft smart contract itself are not clear as to
07:47: Who owns the underlying asset tied to the nft and how they are able to exploit that asset for further profit.”
08:11: I tweeted briefly yesterday about property and copyright in NFTs in response to the story that Seth Green’s planned
08:37: White Horse Tavern show might be on hold due to the theft of the Bored Ape nft it was based on.
09:20: Nft characters live among humans.
Green introduced a rough cut of the show’s trailer at the nft conference VeeCon last weekend.
Collects NFTs on the side and primarily operates under another pseudonym: Mr. Cheese.

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