The War is finally here. Here is an overview of the platform.

Check it out in:

Quick FAQ:
Can I Train every Golem or Demon I have?
Of course, you can’t train in bulk more than 2-4 because of Transaction limits but you certainly can Train all your Rudes!

What is the Transaction Limit error?
As said above there are transaction limits and you might have to lower the number of Demons or Golems you are simultaneously sending to war.

What is the minimum training time?
Be aware that your NFTs will be Training for at least 48h. They need to get strong enough for the War. (you won’t be able to unstake your Golems/Demons for 48h)

Why does it charge me?
Each Solana transaction has a small fee. Most of those will get refunded when you unstake 🙂

Wen more info?
We will post more and more info on how the platform works, wen will the first war be, the rewards and many more in the coming days. For now, familiarize yourselves with the platform!

Please, do not stake every NFT you got or you will get kicked out the holder verification.
And remember we are currently at the Testing Stage, please report any bugs you get.

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