I bought Refinable within 3min of the launch at $9 per token and got rekt!! Crypto is hot right now but we have to be careful and responsible when buying new projects like Refinable.

I’ve absolutely crushed my cryptocurrency trading over the last few weeks. Since January. You guys see these numbers every day if you watch me on my videos and up coming livestreams. And I can tell you, before I really learned how to use Market Spy, I was not a great trader. In fact, I was downright bad.

Many of you guys have asked about Market Spy, so I’ve decided to do a series of tutorials on it starting with the basics. Market Spy takes the guesswork out of trading and can take your ability to make money trading crypto in 2021 to a whole notha’ level. After I drop the Market Spy tutorial, you’ll be crushing the market. Keep an eye out and in the meantime let me know if you’re excited by what you see in the vids!

Refinable website: https://refinable.com/

Join my private Telegram group for trading and alt gem chat: https://t.me/playeronsignals

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