Apparently you can now put your prayers on the blockchain to “eternalize” them, and get a little NFT in the process! All it will cost you is $19.99. We wish we were joking. Check out the hell site responsible here:

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00:00 – Intro – Prayer NFTs: WTF?
09:11 – The B-Theory of Time Doesn’t Defeat the Kalam – Ian (he/him) NC
25:04 – Who Gets to Have Rights? – Javier (he/him) FL
38:36 – Objectivity vs Morality – Yosiah (he/him) VA
59:23 – Why “Debate Bros” Suck (or Don’t?) – Ryan (he/him) NC
1:16:08 – Helping Deconstructing Christians – Nick (he/him) TN

Vi needs to talk about Christian groups selling “eternalized” prayers on the blockchain. What even is this? How does this make any sense theologically? And what–pardon the pun–in GOD’s name is Christ Coin?

Does the past exist? If it doesn’t, isn’t the Kalam cosmological argument defeated? This caller doesn’t think so. Vi lays out the definitions of the A and B theory of time, and Eric does some philosophical navel gazing. Are the hosts going to have to concede parts of the Kalam argument in order to remain internally consistent? Or does this bad argument still fall apart?

As always, we recommend this video from Paulogia for additional viewing:

This theist was watching a debate between a Christian and an atheist, which spurred him to ask: “Why do we have rights, and who gets to have them?” Vi goes for the practical approach, while Eric decides to dive into the crux of the matter: do we have the right to murder for funsies?

Check out the book Vi recommended here:

Following up on Javier’s call, this caller asks the hosts if they believe in objective morality. A split occurs, with Eric deciding to focus on the word “objective,” while Vi takes issue with the term “morality.” Could this be a new VS topic, or did they come to a satisfactory conclusion at the end of it all? Which word is more important in this frankly all-too-familiar conversation?

Do Vaush and Destiny suck? What about the category of “debate bros” in general? This caller wants to know. In what might be the most controversial takes Skeptic Generation has offered yet, Eric and Vi not only vehemently disagree with each other, but probably are going to cause a rift in the space/time comment continuum. Sound off with your thoughts below!

For a more nuanced look at this issue, check out FD Signifier’s video on debate bros and “BreadTube”:

Should atheists take the opportunity to help deconstructing Christians along their journey? Vi says not so fast: assuming deconversion is the end goal of deconstruction, or thinking that you are farther along in your deconstruction journey just because you ditched a God belief, is dangerous ground. Tread lightly here!

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