Thankyou to all the artists, collectors and Paras for this #Card4Card Event. Please find Below all the Links to all the Artists collections on

Featured Paras Artists

1. Skellie Man
2. Wooden Freak
3. Monkey Tunes
4. Glace at the Future
5. Oni
6. Baddie Ladies
7. Bored Kid
8. Best Grannies
9. Scuba Boy
10. Savage Girl Guild
11. Race Night
12. One Eyed
13. Shy Skull Bros
14. NEAR Pets
15. Moon Head
16. Donut Hedz
17. GMX Geko X Monkey
18. Mini Alien
19. Yoka1z
20. Pixel Pips

1. Rain Drenched Ronan
2. Hidden City
3. Blue Pool
4. Cyan and blue
5. Aubrey Beardsley Love Machine
6. Cyborg
7. Vexel Art
8. Digital Ocean
9. Through The Crypto Glass
10. The Shipyard

You can Also Find Goatboys (AKA GenX Artist) Collections Here

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