For many years, mutated Pandas with a unique myriad of Colours were the highlight of the World-renowned Fashion Zoo, chosen to be the key icon for Culture and Heritage. At the peak of their lives, esteemed crowds from all around the World would fly in just to gain exclusive access to the enthralling Performances by the Pandas. These are the Amazing Pandas…

But that will all change, when a mysterious Portal suddenly appeared. The Amazing Pandas were mesmerised, and their instincts pulled them into the enigmatic wormhole, teleporting them into a whole new dimension…

PANDAVERSE is the Utopia for Pandas all around the world. For the first time, they can be seen decked out in the latest Fashion, Styles and Gadgets, socialising and having fun. The Amazing Pandas can finally enjoy the Pinnacle of life by residing in the most Royal Bamboo Forests. Bamboo Chests also provide Amazing Pandas with legendary treasures and artefacts, which they will also contribute to Panda Welfare to help improve lives of Pandas everywhere.

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