Secondary market on Open Sea: https://opensea.io/collection/synthheads
Jump over to the site: https://bit.ly/synthheads

🤖 Discord:
Join Beatport’s Discord to connect with the Synth Head community: https://discord.gg/Qe6M8sB7kV

🤖 What is the best crypto wallet?
The wallet we trust and recommend is MetaMask (https://metamask.io/). It’s the most compatible with web3 applications.

🤖 Where/How can I buy a Synth Heads NFT?
To collect your Synth Head, set up your Ethereum wallet (if you don’t already have one), top it up with some ETH (we recommend Coinbase as a secure exchange to purchase your crypto). The link to our dApp (decentralized application) will go live on release day via our social channels. Once it is live and you’ve landed on the mint page, you’ll just need to connect your wallet & mint!

🤖 What is a Synth Head?
These robotic looking beings are exactly what they look like – Synthesizers! Beatport has long been apart of electronic music history, but before digital there was of course analog. This project pays homage to the history of all of electronic music – bridging the past into the future, and specifically the metaverse.

🤖 There’s a partnership and some work that has been done with and by Pixelynx. Does that end after mint?
The partnership with Beatport does not end after mint. The relationship is here for the long term – there are many plans to take the Synth Heads and Beatport into the different parts of the metaverse including gaming.

🤖 Why do the Synth Heads now have bodies?
Can’t have a head without a body, right? The Synth Heads have full bodies as they will need arms and legs to be able to run around in the metaverse!

🤖 Will owning a Synth Head be compatible with purchasing any content from the Beatport website?
That’s the plan. There will be lots of perks and discounts offered on Beatport products. The team is still defining how these are phased in.

🤖 Do we get to see which artists are providing this exclusive music and sample packs?
There will be lots of news and sneak previews for music and exclusive content.

🤖 How can we the community help you during and post launch?
Keep spreading the word and the love for the project! We are doing this for you, the community, and can’t wait for you to enjoy the upside of being apart of this family.

🤖 How many mints per txn?
We permit 3 per txn!

🤖 What do the VIP perks mean?
As Beatport has been long in the game of electronic music, they have truly embedded into many popular activities such as club events and festivals. “VIP” means that the collector will benefit from things like free access to shows, free drinks, and exclusive access to secret DJ sets.

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More About Synth Heads:
Beatport, the global leader of music for DJs, producers, and their fans, and PIXELYNX, the new (metaverse) gaming venture from electronic music mavericks Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, today launched the marketplace for Synth Heads, their highly anticipated series of generative NFTs. Fans can start minting their own Synth Head today at https://bit.ly/synthheads

The Synth Heads series imagines a world where synthesizers come alive after the creators go to bed. Synth Heads forms a narrative in which each generative NFT is a unique character all its own. The characters are BØB, Lynn, Pauline, Oscar, Seq-Ee, and Dax 7. The group of living synths are preparing for their own musical adventure bored by the uninventive use of preset sounds by their owner. The synths get connected whenever they have the bedroom studio to themselves.

Synth Heads are created using a process called Generative Art, that algorithmically generates new ideas, forms, shapes, colors or patterns. This process ensures each NFT is completely unique, with some having more rare qualities than others. The series generation pays homage to synth culture, a cornerstone of electronic music creation and performance, whilst also celebrating music instrument history – going all the way back to the first analogue synth created in 1965. Rising, an international creative studio, was the design lead for the project and executed the generative script for the collection.

Owning the unique digital collectible Synth Heads, will give collectors exclusive access to a range of benefits including, but not limited to, becoming members of the Synth Head community, special passes to festivals, unlocking future utility in the Beatport ecosystem and beyond, as well as future NFT and metaverse experiences.

In total 3,030 Synth Heads will be available at a price of 0.06 ETH or about $192 U.S. A secondary market has been established on Open Sea: https://opensea.io/collection/synthheads

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