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Mass Blockchain Adoption with NFT Platforms

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Blatform is the first of its kind Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Platform provider for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. Blatform offers ready-to-run platforms that enable any organization to kick-start a blockchain and cryptocurrency powered business, without taking on the risk of investing time, money and resources into building and maintaining infrastructure.

One of the key platforms offered by Blatform is the NFT platform, giving any kind of organization the ability to add value to their brand and community by digitizing assets. From companies, sports clubs and charities to universities, media or individuals such as artists, musicians and entrepreneurs, any single entity can launch an NFT to raise brand awareness, solidify a presence in the online world and share their assets with a worldwide audience. Blatform is a firm believer in the potential of NFTs in driving brand equity, engagement and member or customer loyalty, while presenting marketing and monetization opportunity for the business.

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