NFT’s have taken over the scene over the past two months! Artists and musicians are making money hand over fist! So obviously we have to chat about the potential opportunities, the risks we face, and how we can experience a Scrooge McDuck vibe as we dive into our own pools of money!

Today we talk Non-Fungible Tokens and how independent artists/producers can survive and thrive through these digital times!

Big love + Stay safe!

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – NFT Definition
1:30 – Why We Need To Know!
1:47 – The Plug
2:27 – Beeple
3:00 – 3lau
4:01 – Grimes
4:25 – Illmind
4:57 – Risks
5:25 – Wild Wild West
6:06 – Commissions
7:16 – What We Can Do With NFTs
8:10 – NFT Sites
8:57 – Outro

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