Earning NFTs, Crypto, & Money ( #MetaMask ) playing #BeyondEarth MMORPG featuring our very own, BallaKendra. https://www.twitch.tv/ballakendra
Where Gaming meets the NFT and Cryptocurrency world.

How to set up a metamask:

How to create an account:
-Head to https://beyondearthonline.io/
-Connect your wallet Via Metamask or Wallet Connect
-Click Account
-Click Register
-Fill out Information
-Hit Submit

How to download Launcher:
-Click Play Now
– Run Recommended Setup
-Open launcher when ready to play
-Sign in using your account info you created.

How to Create Character without owning a NFT:
-Click Create
-Select M/F
-Enter Name for Character
-Click Create

How to Play:
-Once the launcher is loaded click “Play”
-Enter your login info
-Select your character
-Click “Start Game”

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