The MrDoug Explains channel is evolving. We’re moving away from gambling on degen DeFi 2.0 plays, and on to NFT projects that have great community and/or utility. Will one of the projects I cover be the next BAYC or CryptoPunks? Probably not. BUT…if you focus on a great community, you’ll never go wrong. So the “NFT Alpha” that I’ll be sharing will mostly be focused around projects that have a great community.

I’ve always thought of NFTs as a membership to a country club, so this week we’re going to talk about an ACTUAL NFT country club. Specifically, the “Grandpa Ape Country Club”.

What appears to have started as an homage to the grand-ape of all NFT projects, has evolved into its own amazing community with art that’s close enough to be recognizable, but different enough to stand on its own. Very hard to pull off, but it was done expertly in this case. Just a few months old, and starting from the humble beginnings of a 0.03 ETH mint, the GACC NFTs are currently trading at a floor price hovering around 1ETH. MANY going well above that at the moment as whales sweep up the rare ones from the collection as long-term holds. (The community even has a single holder with over 100 grandpas.)

But wait…there’s more! GACC is currently winding up for their own mutation in the coming weeks. Serums have already been airdropped and soon we’ll have a 10,000 NFT collection of Mutant Grandpas out in the wild. Exciting times for sure! What tricks these will hold remains to be seen, but the founders are also already talking about Kittens (because what grandpa doesn’t love a kitten) and Grandmas as well.

So go jump in their Discord and join in the fun. The community is a blast to hang out with. These Grandpas haven’t forgotten how to party, and they take full advantage of their retirement!

Grandpa Ape Country Club Linktree:

For more of my thoughts, or to ask me a question about this or any other project, you can find me in the Misfit Robots discord at Just tag me with a message in the Other-Projects room and I’ll try to answer the best I can.

*** Nothing in this video should be considered financial advice. I gamble my own money for your entertainment. As I said in the video, if you can’t afford rent or to fix your car, you probably shouldn’t be buying NFTs. Only gamble what you’re willing to lose 100% of. ***

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