The Mystic Gurus is an amazing NFT community I’ve been following for 6 months now. After watching the huge success of their 555 2021 Promo Set Gurus and watching their dedication to development and being the first NFT staking project on Theta, I was excited to get in on their May 20th launch of their 6000 Core Set Gurus on OpenTheta!

All Gurus were contained in Mystic Vessels which was another first on OpenTheta, and have sold out! I had a Gurupass which gives 20% discounts on mints so got my 42 Guru Crew for 444 TFuel each instead of 555 on 5/20 during the first 24hr sale. The second sale on 5/31 sold out the remaining Vessels at a 750 mint each. Then 6/5 was the first day of resales allowed, and it went to the moon becoming the 2nd most popular OpenTheta project by 30 day volume traded.

Because over 500 Mystic Vessels are still unopened, the ranking of Gurus is still shifting. Using a Theta 2022 Hackathon winner’s project ThetaDropRarirty I was able to find a low ranking Guru I loved the design and bio of for a steal of 4500 TFuel compared to others which will rank below him once people open the rest of the Vessels.

Now is a great time to get into the Theta community and especially Mystic Gurus project if you’re into NFTs. This doesn’t even touch on all the awesome unique aspects of this project outside of your standard NFT such as a podcast, but come play and learn with us seekers about the rest!


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