About MicroPets
Meet MicroPets – Home to the cutest NFT’s on the Binance Smart Chain! We’ve taken your favorite memes and packaged them up into adorable pets you can trade or stake. The rarer the MicroPet the better the rewards.

MicroPets Runner (P2E)
MicroPets Runner will be a classic side-scrolling runner where you’ll take your game character (made from a MicroPets NFT) and dodge monsters and obstacles as you move faster and faster through the map. Collecting coins will earn you MicroPets rewards! Along the way, you’ll grab power ups to further increase your earning power or potentially save your life.
The MicroPets team has partnered with Cubix, a global app development company with specialists in both blockchain and game development.

Meet The Lineup
We’ve got plenty of options for both large and small investors to grab their own MicroPet! Hop on the dApp and grab yourself a crate to get started! We’ve custom built the MicroPets dApp for rapid deployment, ensuring a continuous stream of content.

How’s It Work?
To play, simply buy a crate on our shop using the MicroPets dApp. After purchasing, you will unlock a random NFT, each with their own rarity and staking multiplier. If you love your MicroPet, you can stake him in our staking pool and earn rewards. Wanted something else? That’s fine, just put your MicroPet up for sale on our marketplace!

Special Editions
MicroPets is built from the ground up to support special edition crates, enabling everything from holiday-themed NFT’s to one off releases based on current hype within the cryptosphere! What does this mean? Rapid turnaround time and a continuous stream of content delivered to the community.

MicroPets combines the power of reasonable buy and sell taxes for the BSC space! Having portions of each transaction added to liquidity ensures less price volatility whereas the manual buyback is used to create bullish momentum or defend key support areas.
Our marketing tax ensures not only a continuous stream of new investors, but necessary funding for ongoing development of the MicroPets ecosystem.
The total supply is 10 Trillion

Buy Tax
Liquidity Pool
Marketing & Buyback
Sell Tax
Liquidity Pool
Marketing & Buyback




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