Gozhali Everyday selfie photos make big profits when sold on the non-fungible token or NFT marketplace. However, the same is not true of Melania Trump. Melania Trump’s belongings are being sold for cheap at an auction conducted on NFT.

The three items prepared by Donald Trump’s wife failed to reach the expected price of US$250 thousand or around Rp3.59 billion. The three items up for auction are a white wide-brimmed hat that Melania had worn during an official state visit to the White House, a watercolor painting when Melania wore the hat, and an animated NFT illustration.

The auction requires a minimum initial bid of 1,800 Solana tokens (SOL), Melania’s chosen cryptocurrency for payment processing.

However, there were only five bids in total for the auction item. All five bid around the minimum price. In addition, the crypto market which experienced a massive decline with currency values dropping by 20 percent and even up to 40 percent as happened to Solana also made Melania lose money.

CNN reported that the three items sold for around US$170 thousand or Rp. 2.44 billion. This value is US$ 80 thousand or around Rp. 1.1 billion cheaper than the initial target. CNN has tried to contact Melania’s spokesperson regarding the results of this auction. However, so far have not received an answer.

Melania Trump began to explore the world of NFT last December. At that time he announced that he was selling digital art depicting his eyes for $150. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to charity and help foster children.

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