Melania Trump joins the NFT train after the failed Trump social media company. The Majority Report crew discusses the Trumps’ latest grift of Non Fungible Tokens and how they function in causing financial FOMO. They also question why the Trumps, given their audience choose to target such a small niche of people in the MAGA world.

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Former first lady Melania Trump uh is now a part of the crypto gang she’s on the blockchain and she’s uh going hard with it she’s very excited about this new venture which combines her passion for art and commitment to helping our nation’s children fulfill their own unique American dream. Hashtag Melania NFT Melania now bender fill us, this going to help our nation’s children fulfill their own unique American dream of being paid a starvation wage and then maybe blowing some of their money on something that’s going to blow up in their face. I mean I don’t know, I don’t know, who knows what could happen with the Melania line of NFTs. I mean look how Trump’s own social media new media company which literally has not launched a single product look how they’ve completely ballooned on the stock market. With their s-pac deal where they basically combined with an existing shell company just so they could get on the stock market.

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