#7 Kylar Moore shares how he aped into VeeFriends just barely as he scrambled to get ETH into his wallet, what he’s most excited about for VeeCon, and how he’s helping onboard newbies into the NFT space. Kylar holds an Organized Ostrich core and we talk shop about VeeCon, the future of VeeFriends, and where NFTs are headed.

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VeeFriends Family is a community-led project featuring stories of VeeFriend NFT holders. Through an interview format, you’ll learn about the members of the community, why they purchased their VeeFriends, and what excites them the most about the future of VeeFriends. If you are unfamiliar with VeeFriends it is a long-term NFT project spearheaded by Gary Vaynerchuck. You can learn more about the project at VeeFriends.com.

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