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‣The Neon Racers debuted in late Summer 2014 and was exclusive to Target. Lightning McQueen, Lewis Hamilton, Max Schnell, Miguel Camino, Nigel Gearsley, and Raoul CaRoule were released as singles in the US. Shu Todoroki was not released as a single in the US and was only available in a 4-pack. Neon Frosty was also released and made exclusive to Australian Targets.

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Cars/Planes Featured in this Video:
-Neon Lightning McQueen
-Neon Frosty
-Neon Miguel Camino
-Neon Raoul CaRoule
-Neon Lewis Hamilton
-Neon Nigel Gearsley
-Neon Shu Todoroki
-Neon Max Schnell

Birthday Requests:
‣Tue [4/12] – Team Spare O Mint (Pixar lover 03)
‣Tue [4/26] – All Variations of Dusty Crophopper + Micro Drifters (Sebastian Metayer)
‣Thu [4/28] – Marco Axlebender, Richard Clayton Kensington, Marlon Clutches McKay (san1987)
‣Mon [5/16] – Yeti & Yeti w/ Snow Cones (Alien7Uncovered2015)
‣Thu [5/19] – Bubba (Anthony Roy)
‣Mon [5/30] – Variations of Rod Torque Redline (Damien Fowler)
‣Fri [6/3] – Variations of Jeff Gorvette (Jacob Veiga/Marisol)
‣Wed [6/15] – Saluting Sarge (Jake Cars reviews)
‣Thu [6/23] – Team RPM (Tim Benoit)
‣Mon [9/12] – Variations of Flo (Diecast Reviews)
‣Thu [9/22] – Team Trunk Fresh (ZT Cars Collection)

Axero –
Metallic | Dusk

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