Why are we creating an NFT line? What’s the utility behind it? But most important what is MADZ?

We are MADZ Studios and we are a creative blockchain entity building on Elrond.

We want to bring utility and integration in NFT space by creating a univers for our characters, making comic books and making the NFT space suitable for investments by a deflationary mechanism and NFT airdrops in the next collections.

We are also involved in social programs regarding Reforestation Programs and a center of Alpaca Care in Peru because above all, we care about the environment and of course.. about alpacas.

Join the Gang ! Join MADZ Alpacas.

Follow us on:
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/s9xbkKtjfm
Twitter: @MadzStudios
Tik Tok: @madzalpacas
Instagram: @madzstudios
Website: https://www.madzalpacas.com

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