The Ubisoft Quartz documentation provides a solid basis for a thorough reading and analysis of how NFT works, while at the same time highlighting the legal issues surrounding this new technology. It is the perfect opportunity to take an interest in this subject!

By comparing the marketing statements with the content of the Terms of use and interviews with blockchain specialist, I aim to an insight into Ubisoft’s plans for non-fungible tokens (Digits) and a critique of the discrepancy between Ubisoft Quartz’s legal and IT statements!

The video is indeed divided into technical and legal topics, following the issues encountered in the blockchain.

00:00 Presentation
01:07 Non Fungible Token Technical Explanation
03:30 Ubisoft Quartz Introduction
04:30 Marketing releases review
05:06 Secondary Market Platforms
05:35 Play to earn model (limits)
06:45 Financial Regulations
07:42 Terms of use findings
08:53 Ubisoft’s vision for blockchain
09:22 Normativity of the rules
09:59 Discrepancy between Law and IT
10:17 Personal Data Protection
11:13 Intellectual Property
12:08 Hyperscape lessons (servers shut down consequences)
12:55 Interoperability of digital assets (limits)
13:30 Ubisoft’s future plans for NFTs (players didn’t get it)
14:06 Binge watch to earn comparison
14:53 Conclusion

Sources (and additional readings)

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