In this video we discuss how you can update the metadata of NFTs using metaboss. This requires to get a list of tokens (eg form the candy machine) and a new set of metadata uris.

00:00 Intro
01:14 Recap: creating a CMv2
03:07 CMv2 onchain creators
04:24 Minting tokens
05:54 Creating Art ;P
07:19 Uploading to GitHub
09:17 NFT Analysis
10:00 CMv2 Comands
10:33 Creating Snapshot of tokens
11:43 Metaboss
13:21 Installing Metaboss
15:02 Metaboss Comands
18:48 Uploading Metadata to GitHub
20:15 Metaboss Update URI
22:00 Metaboss Update several URIs
23:53 Writing a script
26:06 Metaboss Update several URIs cont.
27:10 Updating through GitHub
30:27 Revealing NFT Gifts
32:31 Wrap-Up

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