Hey Youtube and welcome back for another video!

Unfortunately this video was made to address some of the concerns that have been happening with the recently dissolved Evolved Apes NFT project which resulted in a Rug Pull (a scam of the project where the team ran away with the community funds) and my take on how to not get scammed with NFTs.

I go over my take on the recent NFT scam and some red flags i noticed during the time of the project. I was filled with a lot of FOMO and Hopium and ultimately got greedy which resulted in me losing close to $5,000 from this project.

Had i addressed some of these red flags then i may not have lost my money but you live and you learn. For next time i know what to look for in evaluating new NFT projects and also not re-entering just because the floor price drops. I want to share some lessons learned with you all; so you too, can hopefully avoid getting scammed in the future!

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