The new Smart Money Buys tab on Nansen gives you insight in to what the smart money is minting, buying & selling. This can allow you to front run the rest of the market and understand the sentiment around a particular project.

This isn’t a 1 click solution, but it’s very powerful in understanding the people that are consistently making profits.

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0:00 Opener
0:21 Basics
3:45 How To Use Smart Money Buys
6:31 Example 2
7:28 Smart Money Profits
9:29 Outro

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I’ve created a collection of ten 1/1 NFT’s called Nate’s OG’s. These 10 are handmade “frankensteined” images taking some of the bluechips NFT’s and favourites of mine.
Each NFT has a secret code, this will allow the buyer to have some 1 on 1 time with me. I can teach you how to use some tools, or we can just vibe about NFT’s in general.
This collection will also be the “genesis” collection. Holders getting a free mint pass to any future projects that I’m a part of.
You should only buy the NFT if you’ve received value from the content I’ve made.

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Financial Disclosure
This is not financial advice, please do your own research before investing in the NFT space.

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