What’s up Freedom Fam! I’ve been diving more into the World of crypto, NFTs and blockchain technology over the past several months so I wanted to share some projects I’m looking into.

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This one is called Gala Games! I wanted to share exactly how to get a FREE NFT with Gala Gold since it took me a little bit to figure out.

This is a NFT gaming project where you can play to earn rewards like Towncoin and Gala. This project has a solid team including the founder of Zynga who is responsible for games like Farmville, which was a smash hit on Facebook.

They have five games under development currently, including a pretty sweet looking RPG. But the only playable game is currently Town Star.

Visit Gala Games here to try it out: https://gala.fan/yogiqrQGM

Hopefully this video is helpful in showing you how to upgrade to Gala Gold to get a free NFT. You can buy NFTs from their store, or shop in the secondary market on places like Open Sea.

I’m still debating on how deep I want to invest into this NFT gaming space, but it seems like they might be a decent player! As always, do your due diligence before jumping in… and only jump in if you think it will be fun or worthwhile.

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