NFT365 Live Podcast Recording with Guest David Bianchi.

Prepare yourselves for a serious dose of motivation and we welcome David Bianchi on the show as today’s gust. A classically trained actor who holds a BFA in Theatre from Arizona State where he carried lead roles in multiple main stage shows and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

The man behind the “I Can’t Breathe” poem you may have heard on ClubHouse and the creative mind that’s spawned several amazing community-driven projects in Web2 as well as Web3!

Learn all about his back story and what brought him into spoken word poetry which would later lead to him creating the term “Spinema” (spinning cinema through the spoken word) Hear how the blockchain created consistency and self-sufficiency that Hollywood could never provide

David has a good heart, is INSANELY passionate his work, and has an almost chameleon-like talent that allows him to adapt to any role…to any circumstance. Hear how open mics at coffee shops kept him alive while he made his dream of being a professional actor a reality, and a creator recently nominated as the top 100 in the NFT space.

Find out how he’s leveraged his experience creating art around social consciousness to create an NFT project celebrating human consciousness while he educates non-profits on the benefits on the blockchain.

“Don’t quit before the miracle happens!” This is one of, if not the most inspiring interviews we’ve had to date!

More about our Guest and NFT 100 Winner David Bianchi

David Bianchi is a multi-hyphenate artist, actor, filmmaker, and spoken word poet based in Los Angeles. While he has made a name for himself in a wide variety of creative fields throughout the years — including studio films and major network TV — with NFTs, he blends together each of his passions into his very own art genre called Spinema™.

The poetic-cinematic experiences he crafts with Spinema™ have led him to become known as one of the most unique creators in the NFT space; one that aims to elevate socially conscious issues via blockchain technology.

From his multi-part film NFT series’ to his multimedia collaborative collections, Bianchi continues to push the boundaries of what intellectual property can be immortalized as NFTs.

“Your perception will always remind you Which sounds ring true.”
00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:28 Davids Backstory
00:18:52 Set Intentions
00:36:21 Know the Blockchain
00:49:11 Building NFT Team
00:56:30 NFTs with an Impact

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