Space Time Nomads – The first “community-driven” sci-fi NFT Series

Episode 1 Story and NFT collection drop at


By minting one of the Space Time Nomads NFTs you are not only supporting our story and future episodes, but you can also help our team achieve the road map goals faster. All episodes from Season 1 will be publicly listed, in order to help others discover the nomads and join in the story, hoping to create a community of like-minded people, passionate about story telling and sci-fi adventures.

As an NFT Holder you get upfront access to all of our future STN drops, as well as the right to apply to our Contributors Program, and take part in shaping up the narrative by submitting a short script or idea about what the nomads could do in the next episode. If your story idea or script gets approved or voted for by the community to be used in one of our episodes, your NFT will be automatically listed as a Contributor of the Entire, a title that comes with certain privileges in the STN multiverse. By having upfront access to early-stage implementation and being able to actively shape the story, you will become part of our Entire Collective Copyright Program described in stage 4 of the roadmap. Every time you add a contributor copyright to your NFT, you can increase the value of that asset.

We are striving to become one of the first community driven, web based NFT series, by revolutionizing the way fans take part in the story and help shape it.

Join us as we embark in our Season 1 journey.

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