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As the title suggests, in today’s video I will be discussing one of IF NOT the BEST NFT platform you can currently use. Refinable, $FINE, is a decentralised NFT platform that allows you to create, mint, leverage, discover and trade NFT’s all in a simplistic interface. In the video, I discuss some great reasons why I am so bullish on this crypto, one being the fact that this coin is invested by Youtube’s famous Mr.Beast, and the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. Sometimes you need to look into the future to purchase a crypto based on fundamentals and the potential it may have, based on the subtle bullish hints it shows you in the present. I challenge you to do some research for yourself to understand why this is a front runner in the NFT space. Key an eye on $FINE, you won’t be disappointed.

*DISCLAIMER* This is NOT financial advice, this is purely my own opinion and research.

Refinable- https://app.refinable.com/

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