CryptoZoo Price Potential – Will this 100x?

In today’s video we’re going to talk about cryptozoo – the current status of cryptozoo, what’s to come, what we know, what we want to know, we’ll talk about their goals, their token migrations, airdrops, the user experience, mini games, a metaverse, future egg drops, when can we open our eggs, the market place, and pixel plex.

In today’s video we break down Logan Paul’s new NFT Game CryptoZoo. CryptoZoo is now live and is Logan Paul’s first NFT game to date. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs- it’s time to create a series and dive in to learn more about Logan Paul’s new game.

Today we review everything we know about cryptozoo and what to expect next in the cryptozoo nft space.

All of these details help us understand the future of the NFT, the ZOO token, how to buy, and potentially the value of the NFTs.

Every bit of information is important as we learn more about the game, the token, the art and how we can go about purchasing Logan Paul’s NFT game CryptoZoo.

In this video I talk about my experience with NFTs and dive in deeper and learn more about Logan Paul’s NFT Game CryptoZoo. I break down with the NFT is, how it works, what to expect, how to buy cryptozoo, and my game plan for when Cryptozoo goes live.

We’ll take a look at the CryptoZoo white paper and analyze every step of the way. Understanding what this game is, what to expect with the NFTs. How much CryptoZoo NFTs yield in tokens, and more.

Let’s see what CryptoZoo has in store for us!


0:00 – Intro
0:50 – What I Did
2:45 – Catalysts
3:28 – Road Map
4:12 – Market Place
5:43 – Hatch Day
7:18 – Marketing
11:45 – $1,000 to $100,000
15:30 – Final Thoughts

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