Crisis in the Russian Army! Russian Soldiers Took Their Commanders Prisoner

We are here with breaking news; Problems are increasing in the Russian army! Russian soldiers took their commanders prisoner.

The Russian Federation’s attack on its western neighbor Ukraine continues unabated. On the 131st day of the attack, we are here with hot developments; Do not forget to like the video before moving on to the news. The Russian army, which started the attack on Ukrainian territory on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, suffered great losses in the attack.

This situation caused great problems in the Russian army. Many of the Russian soldiers were greatly affected by the losses. The Russian army, which is suffering greater losses every day, lost 100 military personnel in 24 hours according to the data received the other day.

In addition, the Russian army, which lost a helicopter, two tanks, seven armored fighting vehicles, three special equipment, four military vehicles, an artillery system, and an operational and tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, was greatly affected by this situation.

Such huge losses by the Russian army caused the Russian authorities to become quite angry and to issue orders to further intensify the attack. Despite the losses, the Russian army, which received the order to attack, began to give up fighting, thinking that they were insignificant to the authorities. The Russian soldiers, who were very affected by the losses, were also furious when they were forced to attack.

The Russian army, which stubbornly disobeyed the Russian authorities and did its best not to fight, tried many ways to escape the war. Some of the Russian soldiers had been in revolt since the beginning of the attack, but this was easily suppressed because they were a minority. But recently the number of Russian soldiers who do not want to fight has increased considerably.

Many of them, unable to escape the war, either caused problems in their troops or surrendered to the Ukrainian army. The fact that the Russian army experienced such great problems naturally led to its failures in the war. In addition to the failures, the Russian army, whose losses increased, was greatly damaged. The Russian army, which has been quite worn out, received another shocking news today.

According to a breaking news today, Russian soldiers have taken their commander prisoner. Despite the fact that the losses of the Russian army have increased considerably, the Russian authorities, who have not given up on the war, are issuing orders to the Russian commanders to increase the intensity of the attack. This caused the Russian soldiers to become quite angry and disobey their commands.

In an audio recording that received today, what the Russian soldier told his wife shocked everyone. The Russian soldier told his wife about the situation in the war and told him a piece of information that would resonate with the agenda. Allegedly, Russia’s 4. Battalion took captive their military commander in order not to fight.

Accordingly, after Russian commander gives the attack order, Russian soldiers disobey the commander and took him captive by stating that they do not want to fight. You can express your thoughts about this topic in the comments section.

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