Good morning, NFT family! This is Ed from Color Therapies. Let me tell you a few words about our project today.

We are all looking for something different, something all our own in the Metaverse.

Some of us just want to have fun, while others seek friendships or deeper relations. Even still, some are simply after some greater sense of peace and tranquillity – there’s an entire range of hopes, desires, and emotions as we each make our journey.

Color Therapies is excited to offer you a unique gateway to these experiences through our NFTs.

Each of our NFTs is individually categorized with a specific emotion or feeling, from joy to anticipation, from excitement to inspiration, and nearly five hundred other unique sensations. This way, there’s one for everyone no matter what they’re looking for in life.

These NFTs will act as your ticket to the amazing worlds and marvellous creations that are being built all across the Metaverse right now, giving you free access to the universe beyond.

Today, we’re here to offer you a glimpse of what is yet to come. We’ve partnered with incredible artists, eager to share their work with Color Therapies’ owners.

And the time to share this work starts now. Each day, we will be airdropping free NFTs to you – Color Therapies community. We’ll be looking to connect these artist creations, as NFTs, to people – a visual representation of expressing depicted feelings or emotions. There’s value in what you’re experiencing, and we’re finding a way to make that tangible and concrete.

Soon, the possibilities will be endless. Just let your imagination run wild. How we define, understand, and experience what we want in life is changing rapidly.

Find the moment and the experience that is just for you: looking to attend an online gig by a well-known singer? Hoping to visit magnificent landscapes or access closed communities? This future is closer than you think.

Our web minting is now live, and for a limited time, you can have access to true, high rarity items for a remarkably low price. Check out the links below this video to join us on this thrilling journey.

Get started today, because we can’t wait to bring this experience to you.

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