Have you heard about Clementines Nightmare? In this video you will see a full review of the limited assets available as we spotted this game so early!

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Welcome to Clementine’s Nightmare! Clementine’s universe takes a one-of-a-kind turn for the worse when her world is invaded by nightmarish creatures from other realms of reality. Her town, and the people she once knew are all gone, having become twisted by darkness. But just when all hope seems lost, powerful forces of the light arrive from across existence to give Clementine and her friends a uniquely thrilling second chance.

Pre-Game Launch
Although there will not be a P&E mechanic available prior to the public game launch, holders will be rewarded with AIRDROPS during this window. Holders will also be rewarded with early access to the alpha and beta phases of the game. The drops will consist of:

Multiple AIRDROPS of COSMETICS tied to each NFT

AIRDROP of INK tokens during the game beta, just before the official game launch.

Post-Game Launch
Community members will play games to unlock “INK” tokens. These may be used across multiple aspects of the game, and the greater Clementine’s Nightmare metaverse. The tokens serve as CURRENCY for purchasing additional game packs and in-game services. INK tokens can also purchase unleashing transfers of any owned hero. This puts any champion they choose onto the blockchain as an NFT.

Please note that there will be requirements for creating NFTs from in-game heroes, such as player level and power. Game NFTs will also differ from the Pre-Launch NFTs.

Once the first and only air drop of INK tokens has occurred, no additional INK tokens will be released by the team, and new INK tokens can only be generated by playing the game. Further token details are coming soon.

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