Video of #NFT365 Podcast episode 184 celebrating the 6 month mark of our journey to creating a daily podcast and buying a mint NFT for 365 days!

ON this episode I went into the way back machine and picked 2 NFTs we bought each 30 day period of the last 6 months and shared why I’m still proud of those being in our bags and what about them I loved. (At the end I also share the 6 in our bag that are duds or rug pulls)

But before I kick things off you get to hear from my 3 daughters on their favorite NFTs in the collection….

My daughters 3 favorite NFTs:
Logan 8: Dented Feels
Kinsley 10: Bubble Gum Kid Puppies
Chloe 12: Lazy Lions

Watch the YouTube Version here:

Nov 28th Women Rise:
Dec 6th Coalition Crew:

Dec 15: Alpha Girl Club:
Dec 12: Expansion Punks:

Jan 14th: Metawhips:
Jan 18th: Bored Breakfast:

Feb 8th @PawsInSpace #Muttniks:
March 4th Loser Club:

5th: March 25th Chefty Pizzas:
March 28th Art of Seasons:

6th: April 21st Beatheadz:
April 30th Gala Girls:

1. Nov 22nd: Pog Punks on SOL (Deravitive on multi-chain)
2. Nov 29th: Blockheads
3. Jan 3rd: Pixel Mutan Apes
4. Cool Among Us
5. Jan 13th: Swipe The Fox
6. Jan 22nd: CryptoSis by Lana Rhoades

Music 365 NFT Ending Song:
Title: DYODR
Artist: NFT365 Podcast
Music & Lyrics: Kevin Sturmer


Today we celebrate six months of daily content for NFT 365 Daily Podcast & Mintt & buying an NFT every day for #mint365 Crazy to think we arrived at @NFT_NYC, unsure of what type of content we would create & 6 days after this photo Drew Cohen & I launched on 11.11.21!

The team quickly grew to include Ryan Hurry & Kevin Sturmer.
We added a blog and daily graphics and built out a plan to launch our own NFTS on 12.12.21.

As the discord began to grow and we entered the top 25 on Spotify and Apple podcasts, this little crazy idea took on a world of its own!! I’ve shared this before but at the start, I believed it would be a win if we made it to Xmas without missing a day.

The thing I underestimated for inspiring the consistency to become a habit was the power of this listener community and how all the comments and messages began to fuel more significant ideas and more growth with $ADHD coin utilities and more.

We added guest episodes on Twitter spaces and I joined as a co-host to the weekly #AlphaMondays.

The new factions of FOUNDERS Mint 365 NFT & SuperFanz Mint 365 NFT to the family and grew our team to include Allison Laura + Amy Moffatt + Native for Crypto

We hit 250k downloads and as we launched MetaAthletes alongside this community….

We knew we needed to grow even more adding to our team with Chris Carter Joshua Stoner & James.

The lessons learned and stories range from Kevinsturmer stepping in when the tech failed to host everyone’s favorite episode to the creation of Trivia night, accountability meetups, and guest DJ Friday nights.

I write all of this to say we had no idea what this would become but inspired by Beeple and GaryVee, we pressed the damn button, and the rest has started to fall in place.

We is greater than Me Is our mantra as we believe that we together are greater than me….
And these last six months are living proof of the true power of WE!!

Happy 6 months – Fanzo

As always: DO YOU OWN DAMN RESEARCH and we hope you enjoy coming on this Mint 365 journey as we buy an NFT every day for 365 days:

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The audio and video content contained herein are strictly personal opinions and are not financial advice. Do your own damn research. DYODR!

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