The WORST NFT SCAMS you need to be aware of when buying and selling NFT’s! Both Opensea and Discord are full of scammers, in this video I will show you how to avoid the latest NFT scams.

Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace, however, the platform has lot of scams and scammers. Common scams include duplicate fraudulent collections and also bundles containing fake NFTs.

The worse Opensea scam by far is the bait and switch price change. In this scam, the seller lists the NFT with a low Buy Now price, however, when the buyer attempts to purchase it the scammers immediately increase the price (usually removing a 0) and the buyer ends up overpaying.

Discord is the main platform for NFT communities, however, it also attracts a lot of scammers. Scammers usually contact you by DM (direct message), often sharing fraudulent websites or Opensea links. Never follow any of the links that you are sent by dm!

People often ask are NFT scams or are NFTs legit? NFT’s are not scams, but, the NFT space is very sketchy!

The best advice I can give anyone in the NFT space is to treat everything as a scam until proven otherwise. Also, only ever use links from the NFT’s official website, Twitter or Discord, and always ensure totals are correct before confirming a transaction in Metamask.

Do you have an NFT scam you want to share? Have you been scanned on Opensea or Discord? Let us know below!


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