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In this review of the Apple Watch 7 I have talked about the build quality performance display as well as the top features of the Apple Watch series 7.
I have used the Apple Watch series 7 for about a month, and in this video I will be sharing my views on the watch and if you should buy this or not.

The Apple Watch 7 is the latest addition to the Apple Watch series, and so far has the biggest display ever on a smart watch. The display on the Apple Watch series seven has almost no bezels around the corner, due to which the display seems bigger and the content on the display feels larger.

In this full review of the Apple Watch series 7 I have talked about my entire experience about this smart watch, from using the apps on the smart watch two commanding Siri for various day-to-day usage experience. I have used about all of the features of the Apple Watch series 7 in depth and try to cover every point in this video. I hope you enjoy this full review of the Apple Watch 7 and if you do like it do make sure that you subscribe to my channel for more such content.
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