The famous “Disaster Girl” meme of the girl grinning as a house burns down in the background was sold as an NFT for nearly $500,000. The NFT seller is the same girl who was in that famous photo in 2005. Watch today’s #MorningMusing to learn more about this situation and NFT’s!

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Have you heard of the disaster girl? If not look behind me and you see her smiling in light of the house being on fire. Well, the house was not really on fire as it was a controlled burn by the fire department. Therefore, it was not the smirking smile of a young kid being excited about the fire, maybe there’s arsenal involved. But in any case, the girl in the picture is now 21 years old, nicknamed the disaster girl.

She sold the 2005 photo of her over an NFT auction. NFT, Sometimes also known as nifty or non-fungible tokens, is the hottest thing on the internet right now. Blockchain backed up proprietary information, so somebody spent 495,000 us dollars to have the rights to this picture. Everybody else can still use the picture that’s the concept of NFT’s, but she now sold off the right on the picture.

There are two takeaways. Number one, she hired a lawyer to help her. And the lawyer negotiated that in the part was this process, any future sale, will give her a 10% commission. So this NFT is traded later at a higher price. She gets 10% out of that. And number two NFTs by themselves are such a young legal concept that I am watching out for what’s happening there. If you would like more about NFTs, Listen in because soon, you will have an NFT special here on Morning Musings.

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